Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the greatest modern advancements in dental therapy. Their use has revolutionized treatment options available today for the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants are titanium (metal) root-like cylinders placed in jaw bone that serve as a support structure for tooth replacement. If properly planned they can be used to replace single, multiple, or all teeth with a high degree of success.

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Comprehensive Examination

A crutial part of anyones dental health is understanding the state of your oral cavity (mouth) and all related structures (teeth, tooth restoration, soft tissue, gums, bone, bite, TMJ, muscle attached to the jaw, facial and oral esthetics, skin, lympth node palpation). Through a comprehensive examination we can determine the cause of your oral condition and engineer a plan to correct it with proper education and the most predictable treatment options available for your mouth. This is more than your standard dental exam. We will help you create a road map to optimal dental health.

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Restoration that covers of a tooth that presents with moderate to severe tooth loss as a result of large restorations, cavities, fracture, or wear. Crowns can be used on single or multiple teeth.

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An alternative to dental implants when missing teeth require replacement. If adequate adjacent teeth are present a bridge may be a viable option for tooth replacement if properly treatment planned.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be a more economic option to replace missing teeth. When planned properly partial dentures can be esthetic, comfortable, and functional.

Full Mouth Dental Rehabilitation

There are situations or conditions in which teeth may be missing, worn down, breaking, have large existing restorations, never developed or developed improperly. Often these situations require extensive artistic dental engineering to restore proper function and esthetics to their smile.

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Cosmetic/Esthetic Dentistry

Prosthodontic training includes years of dental literature and research regarding tooth shape and form, texture, and color; as well as the importance of the gums, facial structures, and joint in obtaining optimal esthetic and functional results.

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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures traditionally have been used to replace all teeth with acrylic removable prostheses. With proper planning and special attention given to oral anatomy complete dentures may provide an acceptable esthetic and functional result. It’s important to remember even the best complete dentures possess inherent limitations. The innovation of dental implants has revolutionized the replacement of missing teeth with removable prostheses improving comfort and satisfaction for any individual.

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Treatment option for those who are not completely satisfied with the shape, position, and color of their teeth.

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