Elite Maxillary (upper) Denture and State of the Art Mandibular (lower) Hybrid or Implant Retained Bridge

Mrs. RP presented to our clinic in search of a solution for her “ill-fitting” dentures. She had recently lost her teeth and was fitted with a set of complete dentures. It was very apparent that she was not able to adapt to the inherent limitation complete dentures possess. After an extensive discussion regarding her dental concerns and expectations it was determined she would be most satisfied with a new upper denture and an implant retained bridge to replace her lower teeth. In order to ensure the most ideal success possible proper planning by dental specialists was utilized for her treatment. The dental specialists were a local oral surgeon and myself, a prosthodontist. First, the proper tooth position was determined. Tooth position was determined based on esthetics and function. Mrs. RP was involved in every step of this process to ensure she would be satisfied with the end esthetics of her new teeth. Once the proper tooth position was determined the implant location was determined with the team of specialists previously mentioned. Her treatment spanned, from the planning phase to completion, over several months. In the end Mrs. RP was fitted with a new elite quality upper denture and a state of the art titanium and acrylic implant retained full arch lower bridge (also known as a Hybrid prosthesis).