Single Posterior Tooth Replacement

It is critical that proper diagnosis and treatment planning precede dental implant therapy. When properly planned the possible risks and complications can be avoided and minimized; providing predictable, functional, and esthetic results.

Single Posterior Tooth Replacement Therapy Process:

  1. Step One:
    1. Examination, photos, diagnostic records, X-rays
    2. Planning: pretreatment diagnostic wax up, pre-treatment Conebeam CT (if needed), pre-treatment consultation with surgeon, proper surgical guide fabrication, proper treatment plan and sequence development
  2. Step Two:
    1. Treatment presentation and acceptance
  3. Step Three:
    1. Removal of existing tooth followed by:
      1. Grafting and healing period
      2. Immediate implant insertion and healing
  4. Step Four
    1. a. Implant Crown fabrication and insertion