Veneers are thin dental ceramic restorations designed to help correct tooth shape and color discrepancies. Veneer restorations generally require minor tooth preparation to provide adequate space for appropriate dental ceramic materials. Optimal results require sound understanding dental ceramic materials and proper collaboration with a dental laboratory.


Teeth Resistant To Bleaching

  • Tetracycline discoloration
  • No response to bleaching

Major Morphologic Modification Of Anterior Teeth

  • Diastemas – spaces between teeth
  • Conical teeth – peg laterals, small teeth
  • Lengthening teeth

Extensive Restoration

  • Extensive coronal fracture – tooth fracture
  • Extensive loss of enamel – erosion or wear
  • Generalized congenital – acquired tooth malformations


It is essential that you participate in a comprehensive evaluation and a detailed pre-treatment diagnostic mock up. This will help ensure your treatment will achieve the best possible esthetic and functional result you are hoping for. Once the diagnostic phase is complete, a treatment plan and sequence will then be presented and discussed. The discussion will include an explanation of treatment along with the potential risks and benefits. Once a proposed treatment plan and the financial obligations are agreed upon, your treatment will begin.

1. Comprehensive Evaluation

  • Patient interview and a clear understanding of expectations
  • Thorough evaluation of facial, dental, and gingival aesthetics
  • Radiography & Pre-treatment Digital Photos

2. Pre-treatment Planning

  • Mounted diagnostic casts – stone replicas of your teeth
  • Visit ceramist to help with pre-treatment planning
  • Pre-treatment diagnostic wax up – wax mock up of proposed treatment

3. Presentation & Discussion Of Treatment

4. Start Treatment

  • Pre-treatment bleaching
    – 2 to 4 weeks of bleaching
    – 2 to 3 weeks post bleaching
  • Coordination with other specialties if necessary such as orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, etc.
  • Tooth preparation and temporary restoration phase
  • Try-in veneers for evaluation
  • Deliver Veneers

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