Full replacement of all teeth of one’s jaw with a fixed (non-removable) metal and acrylic dental prosthesis.  This treatment options significantly restores comfort and function to those who have lost their teeth.  Most people are able to return to nearly full function.  Usually 4 to 6 implants are required to accomplish the tooth replacement with predictable success long term.  The metal framework is used to provide adequate support, retention, and strength to acrylic denture teeth.  If designed properly the metal is not visible in one’s smile.  This type of prosthesis will allow for replacement of one’s teeth up to their first molars, providing a slightly shorted dental arch (replacement of teeth to the first molars). However, there is generally no loss in functional ability.


  • Great function
  • Good esthetics
  • Fixed/non-removable tooth replacement
  • Comfort
  • Overall cost – most economic method to obtain excellent function


  • Acrylic teeth
  • Tooth wear with time
  • Possible staining of teeth

Long Term Maintenance: 

With time the acrylic teeth will wear. Generally, it takes about 6-8 years until the acrylic teeth must be replaced. This can be accomplished fairly easily when the time comes. It involves removing the old worn acrylic and teeth from the metal frame and resurfacing the metal with new teeth and acrylic.  Screws may loosen or break, easily repaired most of the time.  Teeth may fracture or chip which can be repaired or replaced very easily.