Dental implant therapy to replace an anterior tooth can provide a highly esthetic and predictable result. However, it is essential that proper diagnosis and treatment planning precedes actual dental implant therapy. Proper planning and communication with an implant surgeon is required to help ensure an esthetically acceptable result is possible and achieved.


  1. Step One:
    1. Examination, photos, diagnostic records, X-rays
    2. Planning: pretreatment diagnostic wax up, pre-treatment Conebeam CT (if needed), pre-treatment consultation with surgeon, proper surgical guide fabrication, proper treatment plan and sequence development
  2. Step Two:
    1. Treatment presentation and acceptance
  3. Step Three:
    1. Removal of existing tooth followed by:
      1. Grafting and healing period
      2. Immediate implant insertion and healing
  4. Step Four
    1. Insertion of Temporary Implant Crown for Proper Soft Tissue Development
  5. Step Five
    1. Crown fabrication and insertion