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Dental Implants

Zirconia Fixed Implant Bridge

“I am a little unusual. I did not have problems with my teeth my entire life til I turned 57. I’m 59 now. I had dry mouth. 3 years ago, I had 8 cavities, had those fixed and then 12 more and after those, had 13 more. When I went to the dentist in Hailey, she did not even know how to address it. She was kind of flabbergasted and sent me to Dr. Gurney.

I had to have all of my teeth removed and it was incredibly emotional and difficult. Painful. And again, Dr. Gurney was wonderful. It’s a big deal to do that and you don’t know how big of a deal until you go through it. With his guidance and care, I had the best scenarios. I know it made things a lot easier.

The care was 120% the entire way through. Everybody was so wonderful and understanding and reassuring. Dale is just incredible. It was amazing to have him in the appointments and he really captured what I wanted.

I’m just thrilled. I’m still in shock actually. Dr. Nelson for an oral surgeon…he was wonderful. He held my hand most of the time. When I had the temporaries on before I got these permanents a few days ago, I felt like a cow chewing on my cud. But it is like night and day. I can eat anything. Salads….before I ate salads, they would be everywhere coming out of my mouth and stuck in my teeth. And milk duds and popcorn, which are my favorite two things.”