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Zirconia Fixed Implant Bridge

“The biggest thing for me was there was a lot of pain.  My teeth were deteriorating because I had children and nothing I could do would stop the damage that was going on.   I had eight to nine different implants and they started failing, so my teeth were on the way out.

First of all, I think from a medical point of view, if your teeth are in bad shape, it’s going to affect your whole body.  So not only did they look bad cosmetically, but they also weren’t functioning very well and I was always in pain or always hurting.

So, we had to go ahead and take care of it as quickly as we could. I first went to Dr. Bobst and he’s the one that looked at everything underneath through the x-rays and we knew we were in trouble. There was not a lot we could do to salvage what was there.

I was starting to suffer really bad bone loss and stuff, so we needed to get on it before it got worse to where I almost couldn’t do these.

(The office was) very efficient and very caring, which is nice. I never had to wait. They are always there on time get you in really quick and everything was well explained along the way so that was really nice.”

TEAM: Dr. Scott Bobst, Boise Oral Surgery