Dental Implants

Zirconia Fixed Implant Bridge


“In my particular case, my mother had teeth that began to crumble in her latter years and mine did the same thing, so presumably I had a bit of hereditary follow through my mom and it created a real mess in my mouth and actually my case was, I think, probably pretty extreme in that the oral surgical part of my process was the removal of all teeth totally because they were literally crumbling.

My treatment started with oral surgery and I appreciate very much the working relationship between Dr. Gurney and his staff and the oral surgeon. The back and forth and friendly relationship and open communication between the two helped me immeasurably through this process.

The quality of my life has changed remarkably and I think to a great degree it’s been subtle things because as any human being, you get used to what you’ve got and through the process of having my teeth degrade over a period of about three or four years, I really had lost the sense of what it was to have a full healthy set of teeth. Once I gained these new implants my quality of life has gone up through the roof. Actually, just the normal day-to-day functioning of eating and smiling and interacting with other people has been just marvelous.

I would like to say that this process, while it is, I think tedious for those who would have to go through it, I would say very openly and honestly and quickly that doing it with Dr. Gurney and the staff here at Boise Prosthodontics has been marvelous. I think the words I would use would be very interactive and very collaborative in and through the whole process because it is a long process. It’s not a painful process, but I think the more that you bring and you’re allowed to bring to the expertise and the medical knowledge that Dr. Gurney and staff has, makes for a real team and that’s essentially how I see it. You become a team until this process is done and it was just marvelous so I couldn’t be happier I recommend them completely and thoroughly.”

“I would like to offer an outstanding recommendation for anyone in need of or contemplating dental implant options. BOISE PROSTHODONTICS, after being highly recommended by my personal dentist and oral surgeon became my team for a total implant scenario. I felt my issues to be almost totally insurmountable but quickly found that this advanced implant practice to be perfect for what was required. From day one Dr. Michael Gurney and his staff embraced my wife and I with a complete action plan, with many options, that ensured our ability to make comfortable decisions for a restorative and satisfying solution. It is nothing short of amazing what can be accomplished when you blend state of the art dental implant practice with a professional and caring staff. This is precisely what we found at BOISE PROSTHODONTICS.”