Dental Implants

Zirconia Fixed Implant Bridge

“It is really amazing especially because my daughter’s been sending me pictures and been showing me pictures of when I was quite younger and honestly these teeth look the same. So how Dr. Gurney did that, I don’t know, but it’s really amazing.

When you are given something that looks like a temporary retainer for the wrong person and told this is the best we can do and then have this but it’s by somebody else somebody amazing that was patient and very, very kind. I am a very blessed person and I have amazing teeth that only took a month maybe to have done after six to seven years of being invaded in my mouth and being told this is it. He goes beyond the call of need or want. I was going to ask for three crowns on my right hand side that were off color and they didn’t match and my smile looked all broken but I didn’t dare because the other doctor.

I didn’t trust him anymore. I was just careful that he would do the could do the right thing and Dr. Gurney said you know what? I’m gonna add these three teeth without me even saying anything. He goes so your mouth can be you know looked normal and complete in color that was without me even saying a word because I couldn’t afford it. I couldn’t afford any of it and he made it very affordable and very humbling but with a lot of gratitude. Everybody here are just people who want to help people. It’s been an amazing experience so I’m very grateful for you.”