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“Before all this I did not smile. You can ask any of my friends or my family.  I did not smile. I did not open my mouth when I talked. I barely moved my mouth so nobody could see my teeth and I was generally not a very confident person because of it.  All I could think about when I would talk or smile was people looking at my teeth and how weird they looked.

I’m so much more confident and just an overall more outgoing person because there’s no longer this, I mean at least for me, mental barrier you know thinking that’s all people are looking at when they look at me. That’s all they can see is just these like weird things in my mouth. I’m just so much more confident and honestly a happier person because I feel like people are no longer looking at this thing that’s just been holding me back.

The staff here is genuinely so amazing. Every single person that works here, I’m so excited to see.  I felt so confident in them and knowing that they knew what they were doing and they knew how to help me and they genuinely cared about me and that made it that much better.”