Dental Implants

Zirconia Fixed Implant Bridge

“Well I’m epileptic and so my teeth have gone through lots of damage.  I’ve had veneers.  I’ve had crowns.  I’ve had partials and ultimately had full load
implants when i came here.  I so appreciate the care and the time that’s given to answer all of my questions.  I had to have some extractions done and I healed in temporary dentures until I got my permanents.  It’s the best investment that I’ve made in myself.  I don’t hesitate to smile.  I don’t hesitate to eat what I want to in public and I just am so thrilled to be able to carry on my life as normal.
I can’t recommend Dr. Jones enough.  He’s thorough.  He’s competent and he really cares about us being able to be comfortable in our new happy smiles.”