Sjögren’s is an autoimmune disease that can result in dry mouth and dry eyes.

An estimated 3 million people in the U.S. have Sjögren’s and it occurs more often in women (86%) than in men with peak incidence occurring around age 50 years.

Because of the hallmark oral manifestations of Sjögren’s, dental specialists are often the first clinicians to detect the condition.

Patients with Sjögren disease may commonly have dental caries, accumulation of plaque, gingivitis, and/or periodontitis. These symptoms often come on suddenly and patients with very few cavities in their life, are suddenly in the chair often with excessive decay. They do not understand why their teeth are “crumbling” and why their mouth is so dry all the time.

Sjögren’s may also be associated with difficulty wearing or retaining oral prostheses.

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