If proper bone and tissue quantity is present in your jaws, you may be a candidate for the replacement of all your teeth with implant crowns and bridges. Replacement of all missing teeth with fixed implant bridges generally requires six implants in the lower jaw and six to eight implants in the upper jaw. The more teeth replaced with dental implants, the more important it is the treatment is planned and performed by a properly trained dental implant expert. Each person is unique when it comes to full arch implant retained prostheses and implant therapy should be adjusted appropriately.


  • Most natural appearance possible and great esthetics
  • Closest prosthesis to regaining appearance and function of natural teeth
  • Retrievability


  • Most expensive restorative process

Full Arch Implant Crown & Bridge Process

A minimum of six implants is required to replace ones teeth up to their first molars. It is often important to maximize the longevity of the implants and prostheses by using more implants. Once the implants are healed, fixed implant prostheses (bridges) can be fabricated. There are several different materials that may be used to properly restore ones mouth with implant bridges. Ideally, three separate bridges in each arch will be needed to replace ones teeth.

Step One

  • Examination, photos, diagnostic records, and x-rays
  • Planning:
    – Pre-treatment diagnostic wax up
    – Pre-treatment Conebeam CT
    – Pre-treatment consultation with Surgeon
    – Proper surgical guide fabrication
    – Proper treatment plan and sequence development

Step Two

  • Treatment presentation and acceptance

Step Three

  • Interim prosthesis fabrication: On occasion it is possible to provide an interim prosthesis that is inserted and fastened to the implants the same day the implant surgery is performed. Ask your dentist if you are a candidate.

Step Four

  • Implant Surgical Procedures:
    – Removal of existing teeth
    – Grafting and healing period
    – Immediate implant insertion and healing
    – Insertion of appropriated interim dental prosthesis

Step Five

  • Implant Bridges fabrication and insertion

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