Most of the time solving complex and difficult problems requires the joint effort of the greatest minds. We see this all the time. One that is very relatable is medicine and cancer treatment. When one gets the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer their case is usually evaluated by a team of experts to determine the best approach for their treatment. It takes the efforts of usually, but not limited to, an oncologist, a radiologist, a surgeon, and an anesthesiologist. This is just to come up with the proper plan. The idea is to use the expertise and training of multiple specialists to provide the best care and ultimately the best outcome for the patient.

We believe, at Boise Prosthodontics, the best outcomes in dentistry will come from a great team of specialists working together for the best outcomes of their patients. In order for this to work it requires someone to lead the team and direct the communication and collaboration. We take on this responsibility with all our patients. We help gather the data, analyze the data, formulate the proper treatment plans, and then direct the collaborative efforts with additional dental specialists regarding the proposed treatment. Once all the input is given the best possible treatment is outlined and directed by our team. It seems pretty straight forward. I promise anyone that this is the best way to accomplish the best dental treatment possible.

However, in dentistry, there is a philosophy being pushed by marketing firms that states the best treatment is accomplished by the same dentist under the same roof. This philosophy often provides the most convenient treatment, but in no way will it provide the highest quality of care treatment. There is no possible way a dentist that performs everything will ever have the same understanding or experience on certain types of treatments as a team of collaborative specialists.

The dental research out there suggests certain success and failure rates exist with dental treatments. We have found those rates can routinely be met or exceeded. We feel this happens in our office as a direct result of working as a team of specialists with all our dental treatments. Thus, we feel it is in the best interest of all of our patients to work with our team of specialists to ultimately get the best outcomes.

by Dr. Michael Lynn Gurney