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“It started with soft palate cancer and I had a lot of radiation. So 12 years after my radiation treatment, basically my teeth were falling out.

I started out with Dr. Nelson, who I think you guys work with in Boise, but I did it in Hailey and then I came here. It’s been great. It’s really good now that it’s over.

I can chew, which is really nice, and I just smile. It’s salad and, believe it or not, homemade bread my boss made me. Yeah, I could chew it. I don’t know, it was kind of fun.

I mean, during the pandemic it was kind of funny because it was like, ‘why get them fixed? We’re all wearing masks.’ Then it’s like, ‘No, no, get ’em fixed.'”

TEAM MEMBERS: Dr. Eric Nelson, Whitewater Oral Surgery