Dental Implants

“Before I came to the office, I was having extreme difficulty in masticating my food. My teeth were so broken and eroded at the back that some of them were just nubs.

The way they’ve changed my life is that I can eat again, I can chew things. It isn’t the same as real teeth but I can chew and it’s opened up my world to eat things again and I’m thrilled about it and I can expect that it’s going to help my health a lot because I have a panorama of diet again and because all of the food that goes to my stomach will be fully chewed and I love the color. They’re lighter than my other teeth were but they’re perfect for my skin and the symmetry and the way they fit and and look in my mouth is just perfect.

And Dr. Jones. You know I wasn’t treated by the other doctor so I don’t have a comparison but he is superb and he’s like a dentist to the hundredth. He’s better than I would have expected and because of the long hours you spend in this treatment you need somebody that you’re on the same page with, on the same wavelength with, and you need somebody that’s going to be pleasant and caring and proficient in all of the things. And Dr. Jones is everything, everything I could have wanted.”