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Dental Implants

Zirconia Fixed Implant Bridge

“Before I came to Dr. Gurney, I noticed that when I was even eating soft food, I felt like my teeth
were gonna fall out. I went for a check-up and they discovered major bone loss and I was referred to Dr. Gurney. The treatment with Dr. Gurney was painless. He put me at my ease. I could actually come to an appointment on my own. My husband used to come to every appointment with me and I actually came to appointments on my own. That was a big step for me. That was just the confidence that I had in Dr. Gurney and all his staff and everybody here.

This has changed the quality of my life by leaps and bounds. I have so much more confidence to smile.
Before my smile would be tight-lipped and I was stressed because I was worried about my teeth, but now I can smile. I can eat in confidence. I can eat my lamb chops which is my favorite.

I had sent my sister some photos. She’s in Scotland and she’s like “wow, your smile is so different”
and she showed her friends. “That’s my big sister” because I had my big smile back, not my little timid smile.”